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An Introduction to

Embodied Wealth

A Two-Week Journey
starting October 3rd
with Elizabeth Husserl, M.A.

Times are changing.

Our relationship with Money is broken.

And let’s be honest it has been for awhile.


Our society’s view of wealth is unsustainable.


If our sense of safety and security is attached to it always going up, always getting ahead, always earning more (and so on), then we will constantly be disappointed. 

If we shift, and learn how to navigate with the ups and downs of life more skillfully, 
we will feel more rooted and available to all the uncertainties life will inevitably bring our way.

Let's start first by looking at our relationship with money.

It It is so common to feel intense emotions like :

fear, shame, greed, anger and guilt when we think of money.

Our feelings toward money are also deeply woven 

with our lineage (our families’ relationship with money/power/wealth), 
in addition to our direct experiences with
money throughout our life.  


So much of the pain we’ve experienced (like feelings of unworthiness)

often gets directed toward money without us even directly realizing it. 


We hear.... We're not wealthy enough, we're not successful enough, and so on. 


And as a result….We place our happiness on whether or not we have enough money.


This is a Two-Week Journey That Will Change Your Life

Below is a brief outline of our two-week journey. At first glance it may appear to be a round-about way to engage with money. You won’t see anything on creating spreadsheets, opening retirement accounts, choosing best investment strategies, etc. First, we have to start with our daily relationship with money and how we are engaging conscious or unconsciously in behaviors that have an impact in our lives.

Week 1 :  We'll dive into our Money Story + What is Enough?

Week 2: We'll work with our Money Triggers + Patterns/Habits

+++ BONUS content: Learn to have a Conversation with Money and why this simple technique can rock your money world.

You Will Receive:







Daily Podcasts

(every weekday)

Deepen your inquiry as we discuss potent topics like money shame, jealousy, greed and your core habits.


Each day you will receive a new inquiry, podcast to listen to or practice! This will be like going to the “money gym” and will be a key component of this journey.

Live Video Calls

(Sundays at 9am)

We'll have three 60 minute video calls where we dive into the course content in detail, and help you to really embody everything we are learning.

These calls on 10/4, 10/11 + 10/18 at 9am PT will help you to normalize your struggles,  your ah ha moments and more.

Guided Exercises


You'll receive powerful guided exercises like journaling,  self reflection and meditation to deepen your experience.


You'll dig into new territory  

and we'll give you some tools that you can continue to practice long after the course completes.

Community + Fun


We will have a supportive community group (private) to share challenges and insights throughout the two-week journey as we go through the content together.

We'll re-connect with joy. Who said your relationship with money

can't be fun!

This course is a road map to help you find the ultimate sense of security and safety inside of yourself, and in conscious connection with community.


Email me, and we can discuss options and if this course is right for you.​ 

NOTE: You will be sent a confirmation and

welcome email after you complete the payment.

+++ I am offering three LIVE Embodied Wealth Meditations on September 12th, 19th and 26th as a "Warm Up"
to this 14-day course. I'd love to see you there! 

Your Investment : $205

(by September 26, 2020)

$250 after

"A deep and powerful course" 
- Bianca

If we place our need for safety and satisfaction solely on money,

we give our power away.

I’m here to remind you

(not through magical math

or abundance thinking)

that your sense of embodied wealth

is actually not tied to how much you have

in the bank, but rather to a

full experience and participation in life.

You can feel extremely wealthy without a lot of financial resources, or you can feel extremely poor when you have millions. 


E Husserl_PB-94 (1).jpg

I'm Elizabeth Husserl,
and this is my life's work.

In my years of financial planning and investment work with clients of all backgrounds, I’ve come to discover the simple truth that

EVERYONE struggles with money,

no matter how much or how little they have.  


This points to a deeper lesson that our relationship with money does not define us, but rather it is a gateway into our relationship with ourselves.


True financial power lies here. 

We’ve come to believe wealth is

something you acquire instead of something you participate with every day. This is SO important! 

This involves unpacking your financial history, normalizing your money pain and grievances, and learning how to

OWN your sense of security.


What does it mean to embody wealth?

Get a preview of this course.

I'll be leading FREE
Embodied Wealth Meditation LIVE
on three Saturday mornings at 10am starting September 12th.

Sign up to get the details and join us.

"The Aha part was that I discovered is ...
I can have a relationship with money and

that I could live a life of 'Enough-ness'.


This discovery HUGE. In fact it feels like

the secret I have been waiting to uncover,

in so many aspects of my life. I am enough. 

I say it often and it releases me

from many things.  

--- Adrienne

Embodying Wealth is like any mindfulness practice.


It is an invitation to translate all of the inner work we do,

like what we do on the yoga mat or meditation cushion, or in a session with a therapist, to our relationship with money.

Security is born out of your ability to both navigate

the currents of life while standing as strong as a tree.

Real security comes from knowing that you have

the tools to meet what life brings your way.

By turning towards your relationship to money,

you create and design your relationship with money everyday,

and we get to decide if we do that consciously or unconsciously. 



This Intro to Embodied Wealth Course

is for you if:

You are tired of repeating the same stories with money and want to shift.

You know that having money doesn’t solve an experience of

not-enoughness or dissatisfaction.

You are willing to do the work to change. 

You are aware that no one

has more transformational power for your life that you.

You want nuanced guidance in how to design a life of Embodied Wealth

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