What exactly is a 2-Week Money Cleanse?

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Start first

with your relationship to money

Radical self responsibility can lead to financial freedom.


It’s time to tap into your relationship with money, first by recognizing you have one. Is it working for OR against you? Whether we have a little or a lot in the bank we all experience money stress. The more we embrace that we are in a relationship with money the more power we feel to design a financial life that works for and with us, instead of experiencing it as against us. 

Your relationship with money is in a state of constant evolution. Are you paying attention?

We often don’t realize it – but we DO have money choice. Every moment of the day. 

in EARLY 2020!

14-DAY MONEY CLEANSE - What to expect
Next Course Begins in Early 2020

"Fall in Love with Money Again"

It's Time to Begin a New Narrative With Money

  • Do you keep on repeating the same story with money?

  • Do you have shame, guilt or fear around money? 

  • Do you avoid money, hoard it or over-give to the point of depletion?  

  • Do you feel like you never have enough money?

  • Or do you have too much and you feel you don't really own it?

  • Do you feel like your happiness is tied up with how much money you have (or don't have)

It's time to look at our money stories and our learned patterns around money and re-discover a healthy and strong relationship with money regardless of how much you have in the bank!

It's time to fall in love with money again.

Because falling in love with money implies that you actually have a relationship with money. And that is it possible to fall in love with money, even if you've never experienced a positive relationship with money before.

The Conversations with Money Cleanse

We will dig deeper to re-discover that place of vitality in your relationship with Money. You will also learn how NOT to give away your money power, which is a critical and necessary skill most of us did not learn.


  • We’ll embrace and normalize our money pains and re-discover joy with Money regardless of how much you have in the bank.

  • We’ll face our financial history – and capture the true gifts of our financial DNA.

  • And most importantly we’ll experience what a relationship to money truly feels like in your body. And how we can listen.

  • This is not mental math. This is not a magic pill. This is an invitation to experience something new that you will forever have in your tool box.

It's a Two-Week Journey That Will Change Your Life

Below is a brief outline of our two-week journey. At first glance it may appear to be a round-about way to engage with money. You won’t see anything on creating spreadsheets, opening retirement accounts, choosing best investment strategies, etc. First, we have to start with our daily relationship with money and how we are engaging conscious or unconsciously in behaviors that have an impact in our lives.

The first step is simple:

  1. We need to really understand what money is.

  2. We need to separate money from what it is and more importantly, what it is not.

  3. We need to move through our money wounds and money grievances, not by pushing away the emotions they have caused, but rather by moving through them as a direct channel into our vitality and our ability to experience life. By this means we embody wealth that exists at our fingertips.

  4. We need to know what enough is, how to experience it and moreover how to sustain enough-ness in our lives. This is a revolutionary act.

  5. We need to talk with money (not lecture or reprimand it for the ways it hasn’t shown up), but rather have a conversation with it and find out what it has to say. You’d be surprised – money can actually be an amazing ally and a good friend.

  6. And finally we need to share our money stories with others. By sharing we release the hold Unprocessed money emotions are, and the financial leaks they might be causing. These leaks are drags on our investment in our lives and in ourselves. And overtime they have real financial effects.

By engaging with this and so much more you are gifting yourself an amazing abundant experience – that of finally understanding that your relationship with money is another doorway into yourself.

Week 1 :  We'll dive into our Money Story + What is Enough?

Week 2: We'll work with our Money Triggers + Patterns/Habits

and you'll learn to have a Conversation with Money and why this simple technique can rock your money world

Don’t think twice. Let this course rock your financial world. I can’t tell you how many people reach out to me at the beginning of the year to want to get their finances in order. Do it differently. End the year by knowing what true wealth feels like. And build from there.

What You Can Expect:
  • 3- LIVE CALLS – We will be meeting on three Sunday mornings via dial in and/or video conference (Dates: TBD  at 9am PST). We'll also offer guided exercises like journaling or meditation as part of these calls to deepen the experience.

  • DAILY WEEKDAY PODCASTS, SELF INQUIRY + MORE - Deepen your inquiry though podcasts by Elizabeth Husserl on potent topics like money shame, jealousy, greed, your core habits and more!Each day you will receive a new inquiry, podcast to listen to or practice! This will be like going to the “money gym” and will be a key component of this journey.

  • RECORDINGS – Don’t worry — If you are unable to make the LIVE sessions you will receive a recording of what you missed so you stay connected. 

  • COMMUNITY – We will have a supportive community group (private) through the Slack App  to share challenges and insights throughout the month.

  • FUN! Who said your relationship to money couldn’t be a whole lot of fun!

Your Investment 

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