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I’m Elizabeth, founder and visionary of CW$. I have worked in the financial industry for over 10 years, first as a money therapist and now as a planner and wealth advisor. One of the best things I have learned with clients in the last decade is that no matter how much or how little money you have, many of us still experience money stress almost on a daily basis.

We often don’t realize it – but you have a choice. Our relationship with money is in a state of constant evolution. Are you paying attention?

I started CW$ and my Embodied Wealth courses because I knew there was a different way of relating with money as I started to build my career. Once I began to connect with money in the same way I would a business partner, a colleague, a friend, a child or loved one that needed attention…everything changed.

I developed the CW$ Cleanses and Embodied Wealth Course and tools for inquiry after noticing the effects of this work with my clients regardless of their lifestyle or vocation. It’s about changing the status quo and finding a different way to be in relationship with money.

Join us. Your life will be forever changed.


What exactly is a Conversation with Money?

Conversations with Money is actually pretty simple – it is a process and technique that gives you the tools to learn how to have an in depth conversation with money.


Join us as we create a world where people don’t scapegoat money anymore for their problems. Your relationship to money can become a window and a guide. Everyone can do this. In fact everyone has a conversation with money everyday – they just don’t do it consciously.


It’s time to wake up to what you and money can do when you start to work together.

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