New Video: Are you holding on too tight?

November 21, 2017

A Conversation with Money —- Are you Holding on Too Tight? The Gift of Allowance. Mini Reflections on Money with Elizabeth Husserl, M.A. This past week I was struggling – it was one of the toughest week’s I’ve had in my relationship with my husband. Relationships can be some of our greatest teachers if we let […]

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New Video: What would you do differently if you only had 3 years left?

October 13, 2017

A Conversation with Money —- “What would you do differently if you only had 3 years left?” What happens when we are faced with tragedy? How do we hold the practice steps to map out our lives and our financial future if we only had 1 day, 1 year, a few years left? What would […]

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New Videos: Money + “I deserve it”

September 26, 2017

A theme has been coming up quite often in my work with clients lately about how we consume in the world. What’s the difference between conscious consumption and unconscious consumption? What kinds of decisions do we make when we hear that familiar voice inside of us saying “I deserve it?” How do we identify red […]

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New Video: Money + Vulnerability

August 28, 2017

I been wanting to dig into the vulnerability of financial planning lately. Facing your money goals, finances and the past is such a vulnerable process, at times filled with shame and regret. It’s like showing a naked picture of ourselves. We don’t want to be judged and yet some part of us knows we will […]

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Conversations with Money + The Eclipse

August 21, 2017

Here’s a short clip on my thoughts on how your relationship to money relates to the full solar eclipse in North America. The eclipse opened a door…it’s our responsibility to step through it. Enjoy! It is a great time to revamp your relationship with $!  

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Latest Podcast: Mini $ Moments (Ep7: When It’s Not About the Money)

June 21, 2017

Good Morning Everyone, It’s summer and I just returned from two very different vacations. What I’ve come to realize is that just because we go on vacation doesn’t mean money takes a break. Quite the opposite can occur depending upon the type of trip. Often time vacations require money decisions in every moment. How do […]

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Latest Podcast: Mini $ Moments (Ep 6: Being Provided For)

May 19, 2017

Good Morning, Money can stir up all kinds of reactions, emotions and desires. In the CW$ Cleanse work we take a look at all of the different money types that can rise to the surface from the money tyrant to the money martyr and more. Over time you will start to notice and identify these […]

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Latest Podcast: Mini $ Moments (Ep5: Would You Like Some?)

May 08, 2017

Dear Community, Today’s mini $ moment is dedicated to the natural ease that kids can embody when it comes to money. Curiosity, exploration and consumption of the natural world are very much a part of this stage in life – When and why do we lose this genuine curiosity as grown-ups? This podcast is inspired […]

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Latest Podcast: Mini $ Moments (Ep4: Spring Money Cleansing)

April 28, 2017

Dear community, In my last podcast we talked about money and the mixed emotions that can come up during tax season. April is almost over, and now that Spring is here it is a great time to pause and ask yourself – what do I want this year to be? What do you need to […]

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Latest Podcast – Mini $ Moments (Ep 3: Money & Mixed Emotions)

April 10, 2017

Dear community, This podcast is dedicated to April. This month can bring a whole bunch of mixed emotions – stress, worry, anxiety or relief as the tax deadline approaches. All of this can also help to bring more clarity around your finances – a housekeeping of sorts. We also have all the possibilities that spring […]

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