Fall in Love with Money Again - 4 Week Exploration into Your Relationship with Money

Starts Feb 3rd. Early Bird Pricing Ends 1/1!

Come join us and learn how not to give your money power away.

Make 2018 the year you show up, and MAKE this relationship happen.

Fall in Love with Money Again

The new year is upon us and as we all know it is a time of making intentions. When it comes to these intentions we love focusing on the things that make us feel better. In fact sometimes that is the easiest and best place to start.

But this year how about you start things differently and look at those places that make you uncomfortable and possibly even squirm.

Let’s fall in love with money again.

Because falling in love with money implies that you feel ok with really having a relationship with money in your life. And even though we’re saying let’s fall in love with money again, you may have never even experienced this in the first place.

Make 2018 the year you show up, and MAKE this relationship happen.

Come join us and learn how not to give your money power away.

Each week during the month of February we will dig deeper to re-discover that place of vitality in your relationship with Money.

  • We’ll embrace and normalize our money pains and re-discover joy with Money regardless of how much you have in the bank.
  • We’ll face out financial history to face – and capture the true gifts of our financial DNA.
  • And most importantly we’ll experience what a relationship to money truly feels like in your body.
  • This is not mental math. This is not a magic pill. This is an invitation to experience something new that you will forever have in your tool box.

Below is a brief outline of our 4-week journey. At a first glance it may appear to be a round-about way to Fall in Love with Money again. You won’t see anything on creating spreadsheets, opening retirement accounts, choosing best investment strategies, etc. That’s for a future workshop on this topic.

The first step is simple:

  1. We need to really understand what money is
  2. We need to separate money from what it is and more importantly, what it is not
  3. We need to move through our money wounds and money grievances, not by pushing away the emotions they have caused, but rather by moving through them as a direct channel into our vitality and our ability to experience life. By this means we embody wealth that exists at our fingertips.
  4. We need to know what enough is, how to experience it and moreover how to sustain enough-ness in our lives. This is a revolutionary act.
  5. We need to talk with money (not lecture or reprimand it for the ways it hasn’t shown up), but rather have a conversation with it and find out what it has to say. You’d be surprised – money can actually be an amazing ally and a good friend.
  6. We need to discover what our money personality is (I’ll warn you that we have more than one!) and what situations trigger the different money types we hold.
  7. And finally we need to share our money stories with others. By sharing we release the hold Unprocessed money emotions are financial leaks. They are drags on our investment in our lives and in ourselves. And overtime they have real financial effects.

By engaging with this and so much more you are gifting yourself an amazing abundant experience – that of finally understanding that your relationship with money is another doorway into yourself.

Week 1: Let’s talk about money and love

Week 2: What is enough?

Week 3: How to have a Conversation with Money and why this simple technique can rock your money world

Week 4: Money – Now it’s you and me. How to not let your money personality get in the way.

Don’t think twice. Let this course rock your financial world. I can’t tell you how many people reach out to me at the beginning of the year to want to get their finances in order. Start differently. Start with knowing what wealth feels like. And build from there.

All of this for $10.23/day for 22 days (and even less if you sign up by Jan 1st!). You are so worth it.

Are you ready?

Let’s do This!


Our Early Bird Rate Expires January 1st!
Save $50 on registration from now until Midnight PST on 1/1/18.

Course Price = $175, $225 after 1/1

The 4-Weeks begins February 3rd. I hope you’ll join us.

Blessings to your money health,

Let's fall in ❤️ with money again.

A 4 Week Exploration Into Your Relationship with Money

What You Can Expect:
  • 4- LIVE CALLS – Over the 4-Weeks we will be meeting on a weekend morning in February via dial in and/or video conference.
    Saturday, February 3rd at 9am PST
    Saturday, February 10th at 9am PST
    Sunday, February 18th at 9am PST
    Saturday, February 24th at 9am PST
  • DAILY EXERCISES Deepen your inquiry though self-guided exercises like journaling, meditation + more, delivered to your inbox everyday during our month together! This will be like going to the “money gym” and will be a key component of this journey.
  • RECORDINGS – Don’t worry — If you are unable to make a session you will receive a recording of what you missed so you stay connected.
  • COMMUNITY – We will have a supportive community group (private) to share challenges and insights throughout the month.
  • FUN! Who said your relationship to money couldn’t be a whole lot of fun!

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