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What's Your Relationship with Money?


Radical self responsibility can lead to financial freedom.

It’s time to tap into your relationship with money. Whether we have a little or a lot in the bank we all experience money stress. We often don’t realize it – but you have a choice.

Your relationship with money is in a state of constant evolution. Are you paying attention?

Some of the ways you relate to money (both the good and the bad) were learned from your family or role models while you were growing up, passed down from generations, others are new and have been developed in business, and so on. Do you have a hold on all your patterns with money?

It’s hard to know where to begin.

Do you blame money for issues in your life? If I only had ____, then ____ would happen. Or perhaps you avoid looking at (or on the other side – obsessively check) your bank account?

Do you struggle with wanting to have AND do it all, and also feel taken care of?

As an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife I can absolutely relate. I knew there was a different way of relating with money as I started to build my career, and have found that once I began to connect with money in the same way I would a business partner, a colleague, a friend, a child or loved one that needed attention…everything changed.

I found that by sitting with money, and having a conversation I began to:

  1. Develop a more empowered relationship with money to
  2. unlock my money patterns and
  3. identify where I tended to scapegoat money as the source of my problems.
  4. AND I learned what I could do to change it now and take the power back!

Can you dig into your money relationship with more honesty?

I developed the CW$ Cleanse and tools for inquiry after noticing the effects of this work with my clients regardless of their lifestyle or vocation.

The CW$ Cleanse asks you to commit to having a conversation with money eight days in a row around a specific potent topic and line of inquiry in each session. You will experience money in an entirely different way at the end of the 8 days, I promise. It’s about changing the status quo and finding a different way to be in relationship with money.

I often tell people it’s kind of like an arranged marriage of sorts. And at first, you’re like:

“Oh! Who are you money and how does this work?”

“How did I hurt you?”

“Why did you hurt me?”

“I hate you”

“Do I even love you?”

and all that other fun stuff we say to money (even if we don’t know it).

And then, during 8 days in a row, something starts to loosen, your eyes start to open and you see possibilities that you haven’t seen or felt ever before.

What will you get out of the 8 Day CW$ Cleanse?

You and money now become friends, a team, and even lovers. Your pursuit of money stops feeling like a grasping or clinging relationship. You don’t put unfair demands on money like all of your expectations for happiness, self care or even contentment.

You will begin to have an empowered relationship with money – one that will evolve as you do.

Money is the invaluable ally we all need to create the life we want. When you take the power back, and unwind your patterns to break through your money stress you will feel it in your body. After that everything is possible.
Let’s start a revolution! Join our community of CW$ Cleansers and let’s change things — One money conversation at a time.

I’m in, sign me up for the 8 Day CW$ Cleanse!

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CW$ Virtual Cleanse
8 days
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What does a CW$ look like?

  • 8 day commitment – to having a daily conversation with money
  • 8 podcast exercises delivered to your inbox every morning. Listen to start your day, or on your way to work. Each podcast will include exercises to complete throughout the cleanse so make sure to have a pen and notebook ready. If you are driving have this pen and notebook handy, and you could complete the exercises at your lunch break.
  • You will receive prompts and tips on how to find, nourish and keep your relationship with money alive beyond the 8 days as well.

What we are trying to do is simple – give you the tools to learn how to have an in depth conversation with money. Join us as we create a world where people don’t scapegoat money anymore for their problems. Your relationship to money can become a window and a guide. Everyone can do this. In fact everyone has a conversation with money everyday – they just don’t do it consciously. It’s time to wake up to what you and money can do when you start to work together.

This cleanse is for you if:
  • You feel stuck in the same money story as always (even with a lot of it in the bank)
  • You need to make a change in your material or professional life and are unsure how
  • You want to release a money wound you inherited along the way (may not be yours),
  • Or if you just want a to help co-create a new story about how we relate to money in this world
  • You decide what $ bill you are speaking to – $5, $10 or $20
  • You commit 8 of these bills to yourself and the cleanse – in other words 8 bills to use throughout the cleanse to anchor your conversations with money.
  • You commit 8 of these bills to the program – Your Investment* of 8 bills of your choice will go toward our work to create a new money story for the world.

In other words, you will use 8 bills throughout the cleanse as you explore your conversation and relationship with money. Everyday there will be a different exercise with a different $ bill. In the end it is up to you and money to figure out what to do with the 8 bills used.

The other 8 bills is Your Investment* to sign up, mirroring the commitment you are making to money and yourself. Simple. Clean. Affordable. Help start the movement. We all need to learn how to have conversations with money. This is a huge step towards discovering what financial freedom feels like.

Pay attention to what you choose and why. The cleanse starts then.

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