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I’m Elizabeth, founder and visionary of CW$. I have worked in the financial industry for over 10 years, first as a money therapist and now as a planner and wealth advisor. One of the best things I have learned with clients in the last decade is that no matter how much or how little money you have, many of us still experience money stress almost on a daily basis.

We often don’t realize it – but you have a choice. Our relationship with money is in a state of constant evolution. Are you paying attention?

I started CW$ because I knew there was a different way of relating with money as I started to build my career. Once I began to connect with money in the same way I would a business partner, a colleague, a friend, a child or loved one that needed attention…everything changed.

I developed the CW$ Cleanse and tools for inquiry after noticing the effects of this work with my clients regardless of their lifestyle or vocation. It’s about changing the status quo and finding a different way to be in relationship with money.

Join us. Your life will be forever changed.


8-day CW$ Cleanse

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"What a powerful learning experience for me to be in a conversation with money. Money had so much to say to me - so grateful that Elizabeth has created a safe place to be in a conversation so that I can really listen to what money has to say! These 8 days of the Money Cleanse can change your life - it has mine!”

Paula B. Raleigh, NC

"I discovered this whole concept enoughness and really relinquishing my childhood fears about being fully out of control with money like I don’t know how to get it, I can’t have it when I want it, I can’t have the things that I want. And through all my conversation with money, I think to me one of the most powerful things is to really understand and feel a sense of money and see it for what it is.

Abe H. Walnut Creek, CA

"I think the biggest thing that showed up for me is really the idea of being in a relationship with money. And I’m totally somebody who tends my relationships and I’ve been like really like focused on having a better relationship with my mother, my sister, my husband and myself. And it feels like that is really a place like where I can connect money as like, “Oh God! I didn’t even realize you were there to be in partnership with me.”

Sirena M. Oakland, CA

"Working with Elizabeth has led to so much empowerment around money and spiritual learning about myself...(it has) provided so much value in my life beyond the services listed on her website. I would invite anyone who seeks to thrive financially, to reach out and engage with this work, because there is a special kind of magic being administered by has helped me - and my bottom line - profoundly."

Alan G. Berkeley, CA

"The CW$ Cleanse gave me an easy way to shift how I viewed money, and helped me establish a positive/supportive relationship with money that wasn't there before. I imagine it will look different for everyone, but it allowed me to get in touch with a part of myself that is very strong, resilient and bountiful already. This is/was a gift, and Elizabeth helped me get access to it through her simple - yet profound - guidance. It was definitely a powerful, life-changing experience that I won't forget."

Zin. Oakland, CA

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